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EpisodeLosses(self, data:Dict[str, float]=<factory>) -> None
Store a set of losses keyed by a string that is used when printing them


    episode: int,
    is_win: bool,
    episode_reward: float,
    worker_idx: int,
    global_ep_reward: float,
    losses: mathy.agent.util.EpisodeLosses,
    num_steps: int,
    env_name: str,
Helper function to store score and print statistics. Arguments: episode: Current episode episode_reward: Reward accumulated over the current episode worker_idx: Which thread (worker) global_ep_reward: The moving average of the global reward total_loss: The total loss accumualted over the current episode num_steps: The number of steps the episode took to complete

Last update: July 24, 2020