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Getting Help

Are you enjoying Mathy?

Has it helped you better understand Math, Machine Learning, or Programming in general?

Would you like to help Mathy and other users?

Or would you like to get help with Mathy?

There are very simple ways to help (several involve just one or two clicks).

And there are several ways to get help too.

Star Mathy in GitHub

You can "star" Mathy in GitHub (clicking the star button at the top right):

By adding a star, other users will be able to find it more easily and see that it has been already useful for others.

Watch the GitHub repository for releases

You can "watch" Mathy on GitHub (clicking the "watch" button at the top right):

From there you can select "Releases only" to receive notifications (in your email) whenever there's a new release (a new version) of Mathy with bug fixes and new features.

Join the chat

Join the chat at

Join the chat on Gitter: to ask quick questions, help others, share ideas, etc.

Connect with the author

You can connect with me (justindujardin), the author.

Tweet about Mathy

Tweet about Mathy and let me and others why you like it.

Let me know how are you using Mathy

I love to hear about how Mathy is being used, what have you liked in it, in which project/company are you using it, etc.

Help others with issues in GitHub

You can see existing issues and try and help others.

Watch the GitHub repository

You can "watch" Mathy in GitHub (clicking the "watch" button at the top right):

If you select "Watching" instead of "Releases only", you will receive notifications when someone creates a new issue.

Then you can try and help them solving those issues.

Create issues

You can create a new issue in the GitHub repository, for example to:

  • Report a bug/issue.
  • Suggest a new feature.
  • Ask a question.

Create a Pull Request

You can create a Pull Request, for example:

  • To fix a typo you found in the documentation.
  • To propose new documentation sections.
  • To fix an existing issue/bug.
  • To add a new feature.

Get Recognized for Contributing

Mathy likes to recognize all contributions, not just code. When you contribute to the project you can be added to the list of contributors.

When you submit a PR you'll be eligible to have your contributor status added.

Our maintainers will try to do this by default, but if they forget please don't hesitate to ask!

Last update: December 27, 2019